Scanner FM Hijack #2 with Bambooh x Rosa Rosario x Mosofonic x Dr Freud . 18 February 2016. (Barcelona)

scanner fm hijack 2

This Thursday (18February 2016 from 18:00 to 20:00) we meet at Scanner FM for a Radio Hijack.

It’s an open event, so if you are around and feel like dropping by instead of tuning in you are welcome!

If you can not make it you tune in online at Barcelona City FM + Metro FM de Barcelona, or wait for the Scanner FM podcast.

We have donuts for the firsts to arrive (one for Dilla!)
We have Beats, Hip Hop, Bass, Garage and Electronica through the lenses of:

DJ Bambooh (DJ set)
Brussels based producer and DJ originally from Barcelona. He gained some notoriety hosting regular DJ sets exploring the most advanced sounds of the beats, hip hop, garage grimes,trap and footwork scenes. He has recently a new reference “The battle” and “I feel a new shadow” a DJ Shadow tribute single.

He is currently part of the Streaming DJs crew and sound engineer at

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Rosa Rosario (live)

Grupo de Hip hop Que representa al los writerz.

Presentando su nuevo album producido por Dive Diboso

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Mosfonic (live)

Nacído en Colombia, criado en Bélgica, de padre colombiano y madre vasca, Mr Mosfonic anda por la vida buscando conexiones y elevación tanto propia como general.

De otro sistema solar y tiempo vociferador de rimas, golpeador de pads y mal-tratador de frecuencias desde finales de los 80 principios de los 90.

Co fundador de Tribute Corp y miembro del equipo de Just a Live, nos presentara uno de sus ultimos proyectos a traves de The Grinder Tape.

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Dr. Freud (DJ set)
Multi-instrumental musician, producer and music selector from Barcelona. Now working on Cooking Noize Music productions and Sound Design studio and as an Ableton trainer at Academy 303

With the support / sponshorship / warmth (or however you want to call it) of:

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