Scanner FM Radio Hijack

DJ Bambooh scanner FM Dosce Workz

This Thursday (19 November 2015 from 18:00 to 20:00) we meet at Scanner FM for a Radio Hijack.

It’s an open event, so if you are around and feel like dropping by instead of tuning in you are welcome!

We have donuts for the firsts to arrive (one for Dilla dudes!)
We have Beats, Hip Hop, Bass, Garage and Electronica through the lenses of:

DJ Bambooh (DJ set)
Brussels based producer and DJ originally from Barcelona. He gained some notoriety hosting regular DJ sets exploring the most advanced sounds of the beats, hip hop, garage grimes,trap and footwork scenes. He has recently a new reference “The battle”.

He is currently part of the Streaming DJs crew and sound engineer at

Follow him at
or other social media

P-Tech Santiago (live set)
Swedish producer with a Hedarters in sunny Barcelona and a foot in Italy and Sweden.

He makes beautiful hip hop music!

Xphynxcat (live act)
Underground producer and MPC virtuoso from Barcelona that has been involved in many projects like the MPC jam Tribute

Dr. Freud (DJ set)
Multi-instrumental musician, producer and music selector from Barcelona. Now working on Cooking Noize Music productions and Sound Design studio and as an abelton trainer at Academy 303

Artwork by Dosce-Workz –

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