From “this is the shit” to “discovery of the day” the internet reacts to Winter

Very recently I have released Winter the first single of my EP Before you which has had quite a response on the internet and I’m very grateful for that. I want to give a special heads up to Erreape, Funkmamma and Crypta magazine 3 of the most interesting online resources for hip hop culture in Spain (and a little beyond):

Also to Dive Dibosso (you may have heard from him since he is the man behind the best Spanish hip hop album ever 7 Notas 7 colores’ Hecho es simple) he left an encouraging “awesome” in the youtube channel.   dive dibosso winter

From the other side of the ocean Lexis (from the Music Is My Sanctuary Radio show) comments on the EP. Respect!

Arts the beatdoctor, one of my all-time favorite beatmakers and one of the best at the lowriders label, also seemed to apreciate it. if it comes from a peer it counts double !

In belgium, the Italian DJ Grissino and his weird one channel mixer-crossfader gave me a little heads up. DJ Grissino winter

On twitter a couple more interesting reactions by nestle – an interesting resource for hip hop music-, el hombre viento – a really interesting hip hop artist from Valencia and Maski – a very well respected beat maker who has recently released a sick album called Feedback  and my man Ferran Esteve – who also happens to be a the coolest fanzine drawer I know.

All in all, lots of love and warmnes I’m receiving from everyone. thanks to all of you liking, clicking and commenting !

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