DJ Bambooh and Rusty label MCs drop EP

DJ Bambooh teamed up with 3 MCs from the rusty label crew to release a spin-off of the Dj’s EP Before You

Swedish rusty label MCs based in Barcelona Fico-One, Morris MSL and Antone Mecca rap on 2 of the tracks of Bambooh’s 2014 EP (Before you).

The result – a limited edition of 7 inch vinyls – is released today also in digital format via Soundcloud.

Despite leaving in different cities DJ Bambooh and Fico One had already released the single “Sunset Bullets” in 2013. The logistics of the recording was complicated and involved travelling from many diferent cities across Europe like Brussels, Barcelona and Valencia (where the video was shot).
This time the challenge was even greater because the team expanded to 2 other heavy weights of the Rusty label crew: Morris MSL and Antone Mecca who bring heavy raps to the game.

Musically you’ll hear the atmospheric and soulful loops of DJ Bambooh as you have never heard them before. the rusty raps of the Swedish MCs bring a ca completely new outlook to the tracks, Their excellent metric, and powerful energy proves once again that they are are a big player in the Swedish and European rap game.

Vocals were recorded by Dr. Freud at the Cooking Noize Studios in Barcelona and mixed by Tradd and DJ Bambooh at Tradd Studios in Ghent (Belgium).

If you want to know more click on the Facebook launching event.

REAR COVER 05 with names

Formats – Digital and vinyl:

You can dig it in digital format on Soundcloud and youtube

And a 10 limited edition vinyl copies courtesy of the editing firm specialized in limited series of vinyl records can be acquired upon request.


Vocals bby Fico One Morris MSL and Antone Mecca

Vocals recorded by Dr. Freud at the Cooking Noize Studios (Barcelona)

The EP has been recorded by DJ Bambooh in Brussels and Barcelona.

The EP has been mixed and mastered by Tradd at Tradd Studios in Ghent.

Limited edition of 10 copies of the EP is courtesy of

Cover Artwork by DJ Bambooh


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