DJ Bambooh releases “Before You”

Dj Bambooh – Brussels-based producer from Barcelona – drops EP “Before You” his latest EP since 2013’s Come with me and Gil Scott- Heron’s I will take care of you remix.

The personal involvement of Bambooh in the production of this EP is greater than ever because, the 4 tracks of Before you – Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter – are a message in the bottle for his baby-daughter Nora. A message that would read something like “That’s what I was doing while waiting to meet and hold you” . It is a way to explain to her in the future how he felt and lived before her, and that’s why it is titled “Before You”. In a way, the EP is a personal journey of self-discovery being confronted with a major life development that has changed him forever.

Musically, Bambooh has evolved towards a more introspective and paused set or rhythms and harmonies. His tracks follow the trail of pioneers of the beat and post-dubstep genres like Prefuse 73, DJ shadow, Flying Lotus, Shlomo or Burial. He keeps a soulful touch in his productions due to the influence of artists like Gill Scott Heron, George Duke or Ronnie Laws – that he sampled for the creation of some of the layers of sound in his tracks. You can also hear the influence of modern producers and newest forms of experimental electronic, beat and cloud music which he gained during his Sabotage and Glitch DJ sessions in Brussels.



Formats – Digital and vinyl:

You can dig it in digital format on iTunes / Dezeer / Grooveshark /  Itunes , Shazaam, Grooveshark, Dezeer, Rhapsody/Napster and Spotify.

And a 25 limited edition vinyl copies courtesy of the editing firm specialized in limited series of vinyl records can be acquired at the artists’ bandcamp shop.


The EP has been recorded by DJ Bambooh in Brussels and Barcelona.

The EP has been mixed and mastered by Tradd at Tradd Studios in Ghent.

Limited edition of 25 copies of th eEP is courtesy of

Cover picture by Irdaas

Cover Artwork by DJ Bambooh


For Media inquires please contact  ignasics [at] gmail [dot] com


Dj Bambooh is looking to be signed by an artist management company. If you are interested please contact ignasics [at] gmail [dot] com


Bambooh - Before you  rear cover 3

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