Glitch is coming

I’ve been recently preparing a new showcase concept, a mix of hip hop, electronica, post dubstep, UK garage, future, and beats performed only with vinyl records and a sampler.

This weekend I am giving it a first live try at Floreo (Brussels) I hope I’ll be playing more often and in different locations worldwide (or at least Europe wide) but first I need to warm up…and learn how my new toy (a korg kaoss pad 3) work. so for the time being, let me introduce you to:

GLITCH #BetaVersion

21 and 22 August 2014

feat. DJ Bambooh

at Floreo. 19 Rue des Riches Claires, 1000 Brussels.

Glitch by DJ Bambooh x Floreo - August 2014 - Brussels

Picture by Irdaas

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