“Come With Me” little funky secrets

Well, now that it seems that my new EP  “Before you” is almost ready and might out in a couple of months, I feel like paying tribute to those who got involved in Come with me. So I’m treating everyone with the sample collection I used.

1 – I produced Come with me  after chopping some beats from a rare funky band I’ve first heard at Marula Cafe in Barcelona: The Outlaw gang.

2 – the inspiration in Usseless to Resist is also funky, from a record I use to play at the electric boogaloo sessions. Pure Groove !

3 – For Rulers of the Galaxy I took a 1967 tropical beat by the latin souls. I must admit I this track used to sound much happier but somehow it went darker and darker during the mixing and mastering and I don’t know if it really captures what I first had in mind…well…maybe I’ll rework it at some point.

4 – Finally, New-Delhi Blues. This track was originally meant to be the soundtrack of a short documentary on a development project in India. Once done the director didn’t really like it. After giving it some thought I also decided to put in the track list for Come With me, after all it took me a hell of a job to finnish: I guess it ain’t easy to make hindi beat if you are not indian…When it come to the “cooking” of the song I took a 3 killing bolliwood samples. The base is by the duo “Kalyanji Anandji” , the trumpets are ripped from a 1971 movie soundtrack “Hare Rama hare Krishna” and I chooped a little tiny bit of “0zindagi pyar ka geet hai” for the intro.

ps – In case you didn’ t realise all vocal samples are an extract of one of the most thrilling scenes of the star wars saga…still wondering?

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