I want to cut my own vinyl

DISCLAIMER: I writo this post like a note to myself so don’t blame me if it doesn’t make much sense.

DISCLAIMER II: In the meantime I have actually managed to cut my own vinyl YEY! Visit vinylboutique.co to see how

The think is that I want to cut my own vinyl ! I’ve been thinking about it for quite sometime now and still persist in the idea so I guess it’s not just something I will drop any time soon There was an unaforbadly expensive option for around 10.000 EUR: the Vestax VRX-2000 but no longer produced. No wonder they don’t produce them anymore. I can imagine that with that price they only sold a couple or so. Plus it seems thay had a competitor selling for a slightly lower price: Vinylium in switzerland (very cool machines I admit). The cheaper vinyl cutting option (around 4.000 EUR) by Vinyl Recorder would be ok if it wasn’t for their website.  Design is so lo-fi and English so rustie that makes me wonder whether they are geniouses or total outcasts. In any case I would need to get into loads of technical details…sleeves, covers, inches, labels, materials, colors. I did a little research on this and Urpressing seem to be the reference…I remember there was another supper supplier but I can’t recall their name, was it maybe HHV?.  The cheaper option (recomnded by Vinyl recorder) is ikmediapack in Greece. In an case this seems to be a rather competitive market with loads of different options like the Pirates Press, Furnface , Standard vinyl and  to a lesser extent also MusicDirect to name a few… I’m guessing I’ll have to survive with a sub optimal alternative for the time being.  Vinyl-pressing in France offer a one off vinyl recording service. It’s perfect in case you need to record your remixes or scratching routines. I’m seriously considering this option. Dubstudio or  La Cupula Music  or even at a bigger scale Record Industry  are options to consider in case I want to push it a bit further, maybe a god option for my upcoming EP if I get around to finish a couple more tracks. there are many others I still haven’t really explored but that look quite ok like conflick arts , goovehouse , imprint , discmakers , HDC , AR records , oasis , stumptown ,  keyproduction ,  or rainborecords and dittoscan plus ,  recordjackets or  dorado for designs and maybe Zazzle for the centre labels (I mean, in case of emergency) vinyl cutting DIY ps – Final note: I’ll most likely acquire a midi controller for serato DJ. I have to learn to live with my own inconsistency. Damm it! ps2 – Doing a little research I came across a  blog post on a Do It Yourself press cutting machine. Don’t know to what extent it is feasible but I’ll drop it here to get reminded next time I review this post. ps3 – I made it….check out www.vinylboutique.co if you want to check it out ! ps4 – this looks very interesting to make unique record labels http://djlabels.com/custom-vinyl-record-labels-dj / http://www.12inchskinz.com/custom-control-vinyl-labels-standard/ ps 5 – and this is in case I ever want to ship records http://covers33.co.uk/index.php/record/record-mailers ps 6 – this blogger gives us a couple more hints ps 7 – note to self: If I ever need blank colored vinyl records I could give a try to Vinyl Record Cutting blanks

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