Sabotage #14


Saturday 19 October 2013

feat. DJ Bambooh (BCN) and special guest DJ Freud (BCN)

Zebra bar. Brussels (Place Saint Gery 31 Sint Goriks Plein. Brussels)

Sabotage 14 I don’t know if we lived up to the standrards we set up last month and 1st anniversary of the Sabotage Sessions…In any case this time I want to express extreme gratitude to DJ Freud (from the Ibiza based project At-Funk and countless other bands and projects) for adding a more organic flavour to the regular mutant hip hop, abstract folk and spatial indie vibes… For next month’s event follow #SabotageBXL or @djbambooh on twitter for updates and playlist or I’ll trim your moustache down. Before I forget, I want to thank Hellen Pocket for her picture “Mejico Lindo” and for allowing me to pimp it up to make this month’s #SaBotageBXL flyer. finally a Big up to Irdaas for her suggestions, they definetlly make the best of all the new tracks I’ll be playing this time ! Sabotage #14 20131019 012 Sabotage #14 20131019 011 Sabotage #14 20131019 010 Sabotage #14 20131019 006 Sabotage #14 20131019 005

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