Sabotage Sessions – 1st anniversary !

SABOTAGE #13 (first anniversary)

Friday 20 September 2013

feat. DJs Bambooh

Zebra bar. Brussels (Place Saint Gery 31 Sint Goriks Plein. Brussels)

flyer sabotage 13

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Thank you all who made this 1st year possible: Bip up to all Sabotage supporters, phtographers, staff, PR, occaésional PR and DJs who took part in the first year of the DJ sessions at Zebra (Noe, Luis, Felipe, Kim, Blanco, Irdaas for the pics , DJ shepherd, DJ Dive Dibosso, the Ghetto Blast MCs, DJ Shepherd, Nick, David and Sandra of course…am i forgetting someone? please forgive me if this is the case !)

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