Sabotage #8

Sabotage #8 went quite well…after so many editions nothing can go wrong really, even the setting up went smoothly (not a single problem at sound check: un-be-lie-va-ble).  I managed to make a few really good mixes, so good that actually nobody noticed them…I guess we could consider it the course of the DJ.

Besides that I must admit there was something that didn’t quite click, I didn’t feel the magic, I mean, at the end of the night i didn’t feel like the best DJ ever, and that’s something to think of. As Loriga reads “Feeling like Jimi Hendrix does not turn you into being Jimi Hendrix, but not feeling like Jimy Hendriks turns you into being very little”. I need the spark back, perhaps  I should drink more during mixes or play louder or just don’t care at all…

See you next month in any case…I’ve invited a very special guest but can’t yet disclose !

sabotage 20130420 014

sabotage 20130420 010

sabotage 20130420 011

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