Valencia, Fico one, Light Photo Groove

I’ve been too busy to even tell people how busy I am…you know how this things go (work, traveling, live, DJ stuff…) last week I went to Barcelona, to meet up with Fico one (from the swedish crew PODs and Goon4). You may remember that we had produced a track together at the Rapgenoma studios.

We had a lot of fun then and I thought we could do something else and maybe turn that track into the first single of my next EP, yes yes I know I know…I’ve been talking about it for too long and should release it asap.

Nevermind, somehow we managed to jump into a train very early in the morning and get off in Valencia, a nice 3 hours ride down towards the south of Barcelona following the coast line – beautiful. Once there the guys from Light Photo Groove took us for a ride to the nature and shoot a a few takes with us. They are a really nice crew and I’m sure we can soon release some of the material we recorded, It’s gonna be great, word!

For the time being here you have a couple of pics, take it as the “making of” and an excellent a capella by Fico one in from of the IVAM

IMG_0035 IMG_0051 IMG_0053 IMG_0054 IMG_0058 IMG_0060 IMG_0066 IMG_0081 IMG_0086 IMG_0095 IMG_0134 IMG_0150 IMG_0166

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