Summer ends

Playing for Summer Ends at the official launch of their their spring collection…and snowing. I know that as a concept it is a little wierd, but not as odd as mixing in a window display. All in all the kind of thing you would never think of doing…I guess that’s why it is worth it ! I loved it  when I saw all the people from the hood passing by looking surprised (neighbours included).

Special mention to William and Steven from Summer Ends. Great initiative and event ! Also to the designers who dropped by…I don’t know if met you all but you are doing great work ! My personal top 3 (no offense meant to anyone) is Three animals (Paris) Uzumaki T-shirts (Brussels) and Bonokill (where do they come from?)

SummerEnds&TheGreatMacarra 20130324 005 SummerEnds&TheGreatMacarra 20130324 013.

SummerEnds&TheGreatMacarra 20130324 007SummerEnds&TheGreatMacarra 20130324 012 SummerEnds&TheGreatMacarra 20130324 011

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