Sabotage #7

This weekend (16 March 2013) my brother came all the way up from Barcelona to Brussels to visit me. This made Sabotage especially cool to me. You know, a younger brother is always a younger brother even if you don’t see him that often!

Besides if I am not mistaken last time he saw my DJing was at the Be Brave release party in Barcelona…and that’s like more than one year ago. to top it all up, he’s a summiler (aka wine waiter) specialised in gin n tonic…so we had a few…

Thanks again to Irdaas for the pictures (check her new e-zine if you liked them) and thank to you for coming (or reading).


Sabotage 20130316 016 Sabotage 20130316 011 Sabotage 20130316 026 Sabotage 20130316 019  Sabotage 20130316 025


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