Artifex, Pods, Rapgenoma, Barcelona

I would say that it was again a very fruitful weekend…interesting stuff happens often when travelling to Barcelona. I had time to drop by the ARTIFEX  headquarters to pick up the first 2 pressing of my new EP (release foreseen in 2013) and it sounds quite ok…maybe I should increase the highest frequencies (note: my dad heard it and thought it sounds dirty)

Anyway the transparent material is really cool. What do you think…?

I also droped by the Rapgenoma studios in Badalona. There I met FICO ONE from the Swedish graffiti crew PODS and MC for PLANET MECCA and the 2 men behind the decks of RAPGENOMA (DIVE DIBOSSO and DJ HERAS)

We recorded some cuts for the next DJ Heras mixtape (actually I don’t know if I’m allowed to discoles that he is preparing some new stuff but anyway) also what I think it’s going to be the single of my new EP: Sunset bullets featutring Fico One…his contribution really changed the whole track !

Well. I’ll keep you posted cos maybe something else arises from that weekend..yeah some concerts/showcases and new featurings are in the pipeline. Fingers crossed.

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