SOS, idea needed !

As you might (not) know I’ve been preparing my new EP for quite some time now. I would say that everything is ready but I’m still working on the logistics of it…pressing some vynils, thinking of the promotion, launching date etc.  Yep I promise to keep you posted on how thing go.

Those who have actually heard the whole track list seem to like this song over the rest so decided to consider it the first “single”:

What do you think ? do you like it ? and more importantly…do you have any brilliant ideas for a low budget videoclip ?

Do you have a favourite vide clip that I could use as an inspiration?

Do you have a most hated video clip? is the  something I absolutely  souldn’t do ?

Thank you guy and girls for your comments ! ‘ll find a way to compensate for you squeezing your brains!

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