2 June 2012 @ Floreo (Brussels) II

Last week I MIXED AT LE CAFÉ FLORÉO in Brussels (Belgium), it was meant to be a relaxed evening and I had selected some rare hip hop cuts, triphop classics, a few sad indie songs, and some nu-folk but at some point the crowd wanted to dance and was asking for dancehall and reagge (It’s funny because ussually people frm the crowd ask for shakira and crap from the 80s)

Luckily I had some tracks selected by Dive Dibosso – when he came to Brussels to rock at the BE BRAVE PARTY

Lessons learned…you never know what to expect…I would say that and everything whent better than expected.

Anyway I really like the place, it’s kind of cozy and you can really feel how love is in the air – I would say it’s like a big family –  everyone seems to know and take care of each other… will they adopt me ?

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