The Bad, The Bitch, The Great Macarra

THE BAD controls the underground in the whole of L.A. Any small dealer who wants to play big owes him something. Anyone who tried it without him is now six feet under. Casinos, gambling, drugs, alcohol, PIMPing…he pulls the strings. His puppets, a bunch of corrupt cops and bought politicians.

THE BITCH controls an army of hartless killer ninjas and never leaves a loose end. Some say she posses the power of vodoo and can steal your soul while you sleep. Some say she gets high with the smell of blood and posses a collection of skulls in a secret bassement. The east coast Queen is taming new markets and alooking for new partners, yet she wouldn’t mind taking over Los Angeles…

THE GREAT MACARRA is a renegade cop.  The undercover operation in his counter drugdea task force went really wrong. He was captured and tortured. When he managed to scape he realised that it was too late for his wife and daughter: The Bad also had them and his henchmen had taken “good care” of the two.  Now he’s back to finnish the job but he is upset and he’s gonna do things his own way.

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