Be Brave ! Teaser videolcip

The first BE BRAVE single is almost ready for release !

It is inspired by The Beastie Boys’ Sabotage, blaxplotation and oldschool B Movies.

There will be plenty of ninjas, explosions and action: The Great Macarra chases “The Bad” to his illegal drug lab and tries to stop him…then he finds an unexpected ally !

wicked !

Music: The Great Macarra
Produced by: Chaparra Entertainment
Director: Dani Moreno
Deputy director: Jordi Romero
Photography director: Xavi Garcia
Casting: Marc Velasco
Stunt Manager: Jose Maria Angorrilla
Marc Velasco as “The Great Macarra”
Dunia Montenegro as “The Bitch”
Jose Antonio “Pancho” Marin Silva as “The Bad”
Jose Maria Angorrilla as “Punk 1” and “Ninja 1”
Louie Torres as “Punk 2” and “Ninja 2”
Carles Hortolà as “Punk 3” and “Ninja 3”
Metal Maiden as “Punk 4”
Chicho as “Punk 5”

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