Driving down towards “where everything started”

The official release of BE BRAVE is getting closer and I’m having a lot of trouble to get everything sorted out so I thought I would be good to breathe and look back to see how things developed.

Also for a long time I wanted to post the pictures of the road trip I did when I went to meet the guys from the CD factory in charge of manufacturing the first #BEBRAVE hardware edition. Their headquarters are located in a small city in the border of Spain with Portugal and travelling there is like going to the middle of nowhere: long arid roads, ancestral traditions, the heat and the desert.

To be honest I was not sure whether I should upload those shots since the trip brought me to some recondite placeswith a lot of meaning to me, finally I thought  that by doing so I would also pay hommage to some people who were important to me, my grandfather is actually buried not so far away from there in Otero (a 300 inhabitants village where he and my mum were born)

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